Amorelo FAQ’s:

Ultimate MAX FAQ’s:

Ultimate VOLUME FAQ’s:

Amorelo answers:

  • It is an all natural, powerful combination of herbs (link to ingredients) blended into a capsule that provides a highly efficient supplement to enhance your performance. Ingredients in Amorelo have a revitalizing effect on the whole body helping you to enjoy your life in full.
  • Just swallow the capsule with water or any suitable drink. Amorelo has been clinically proven to start working just after 30 min.after consumption. It might take longer if taken after food.
  • One capsule contains 375 mg of the finest active herbs. DO NOT take more than one capsule every 24 hours.
  • The effects of Amorelo can last for up to 24 hours.

Ultimate MAX answers:

  • Ultimate Max is a daily herbal supplement to give a man an increased penis size
  • Generally after 60 days taking 1 capsule a day (2 packets) most people will see a change. The effects are different to each individual and some people see a change after only 30 days (1 packet) and for others it may take a little longer.
  • Just swallow with water or any suitable drink preferably on an empty stomach. It will take longer to work if taken after food.
  • Ultimate Max fills the corpora cavernosa with blood, making the penis girth larger and the erection more intense. The corpora cavernosa are the two bodies of erectile tissue on each side of the penis. An erection occurs when blood fills these tissues and enlarges the penis, rendering it hard. Ultimate Max acts to widen and elongate these tissues, allowing more blood to enter, resulting in a thicker and longer penis, a larger erection, and a more satisfied partner!
  • Yes. Once the increase has taken place, with most people the changes will stay with you. However some people have reported a small decrease and take a reduced dosage to keep the general sexual well being feeling alive.
  • Ultimate Max will enhance your sexual performance and give you harder and longer erections. It can provide help with better erections. The herbs give general libido sexual health benefits and are suitable for vegetarians

Ultimate VOLUME FAQ’s:

  • Ultimate Volume is a blend of natural ingredients to increase semen volume, sexual libido, sexual stamina and increase fertility.
  • Ultimate Volume works by naturally increasing the level of testosterone in the body thus allowing to produce more semen.
  • Ultimate Volume starts to show results as soon as 7 days. However this depends on the individual and can differ from person to person depending on diet and metabolism.
  • In addition to increased volume of sperm and semen, increased fertility you can expect significantly stronger and more satisfying orgasms. You can also expect an overall improvement in sexual well-being, plus an increase in confidence and increased sexual desire. Many men also report harder erections with continued use of Ultimate Volume.
  • Ultimate Volume capsules are designed to fit in with the lifestyle of the modern man. Just take 2 capsules once daily with a glass of water.